Laryngology office in Radzyń Podlaski

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Welcome to the website of the laryngology office in Radzyń Podlaski!

My name is Beata Bocheńska and I am an otolaryngologist specialising in the field of audiology and phoniatrics.

I have been seeing patients in my private otolaryngology office since 2005. My office accepts both patients requiring emergency laryngological assistance and those in need of constant phoniatric or audiological care.

I offer a wide range of medical services in the field of laryngoloy, including diagnostics and treatment of ear, pharynx and larynx diseases. Being a phoniatrician I also treat diseases of the larynx and vocal cords. My services also include assistance of patients with hearing loss and other disorders of the hearing organ.

My office is equipped with specialist instruments to perform laryngological examinations, which allow precise diagnosis of vocal fold disorders, detailed analysis of vocal fold operation and assessment of change dynamics within vocal folds following phonosurgical treatment. I also perform examination of the larynx, nasopharynx and third tonsil. The devices in my office allow differentiation of vocal folds paresis and palsy and allow assessment of patient’s suitability for professions requiring a healthy voice.

Our aim is to provide patients with full services in the field of laryngology, phoniatrics and audiology. Being a doctor is for me not only a job, but also passion and vocation.

A full offer of services performed in my office is to be found on the website.

Registration by telephone no 514 027 327

Every day from 15.00 to 17.30